Turkish Foreign Policy I
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Course Description: This course aims to assess the course that the Turkish Foreign Policy has taken throughout decades.  The student is expected to read, write, think and argue analytically as  the topics such as the Ottoman legacy, Mustafa Kemal’s foreign-policy priorities,  first Foreign Affairs Ministers of the young republic, republican tendencies in Turkey’s international relations and the Cold War are discussed in class in detail.  


Course Reading Material: Related material will be provided each week prior to class. As a textbook, the student is recommended to read


William Hale, Turkish Foreign Policy: 1774-2000. London: Frank Cass, 2000.


Bask─▒n Oran (ed), Türk D─▒┼č Politikas─▒ Cilt:1, 1919-1980. ─░stanbul: ─░leti┼čim, 2000.


Course Outline


Week I) Introduction


Week 2 and 3)The Legacy of the Past: 1774-1918

Problems and Challenges Faced by the Late Ottoman Empire

Istanbul's Balance of Power Politics during the Early 19th Century and the Tanzimat


The Eastern Question and What It Implied for the Ottomans

Late 19th Century: Measures Adopted by Abdulhamid II and the Young Turks to

Cope with the Inevitable


Week 4 and 5)The Early Republican Era: Status Quo vs Revisionism: 1923-1945

War and Diplomacy during the War of Independence, 1918-1922

Issues Confronting the Republican Leadership: Etablis, Mosul, Straits, Hatay


Turkey and the Great Powers: The Shift from Neutrality to Alliance, 1933-1939

Turkey and the Middle East, 1923-1939

Turkey and the Balkans, 1923-1939

Turkey and the Soviet Union, 1923-1939


Week 6 and 8)Turkey and World War II, 1939-1945


Tripartite Alliance with the British & French

Move Toward Neutrality: The Tightrope Act: June 1941- Dec. 1942

Re-Embrace of the Allied Cause, 1943-1945


Week 7) Midterm


Week 9 and 10)Turkey and the post-World War II Politics, 1945-1964


Soviet Demands

Search for Allies and Courting the U.S.

U.S. Containment Policy, 1945-1952

Turkey as a NATO member and Regional Conflicts


Week 10 and 11)Turkey, Changes in U.S.-Soviet Relations and Regional Crises, 1964-1991


1964 Cyprus Crisis

Turkey and the Middle East, 1964-1990

1967 Cyprus Crisis

Turkey and Europe: Economic Benefits vs Democratisation



Week 12 and 13) Presentations



Week 14) Overall Assessment of the Course





Midterm: %35


Paper %5

Final %45