Turkish Foreign Policy I
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For guidelines in English to prepare a term paper.

For guidelines in Turkish to prepare a term paper.

Term Papers

 As required by the course syllabus, students have to prepare a term paper. The paper should be written according to the rules shown above, must be in properly written English, written in a computer using MS Word,  with double-space (line spacing: 2) and with appropriate font size, with full references. All papers submitted without referencing and/or written by plagiarism, will be graded 1/100 and will make the student fail. 

Please choose one of the following subjects and prepare a term paper by yourself.

The possible subjects to choose your subject from are: 


Break-up of the Ottoman Empire and the new map of the Middle East

Financial Relations of the Ottoman Empire with European Powers in the 19th Century

The Baghdad – Berlin Railroad Project

The Hatay Question

The Sevres Treaty and the Plans of the Great Powers on Turkey

Turkish – American Relations during Atatürk Era

Turkish – British Relations during World War II

Turkish – German Relations in the period 1933-1945

Turkish – Russian Relations in the period 1853-1917

Turkish – Soviet Relations 1917-1945

Due date for the papers is Thursday, 05 January 2012.